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About the maintenance and care of oxygen generators

Time:2021-07-03 14:13

Frequently Asked Questions about Oxygen Concentrators.
1. Oxygen concentrator does not release gas.
There are many reasons and causes for oxygen generators not releasing air. Then we have to investigate from the source. First, remove the humidifying cup and see if there is oxygen flowing out at the outlet. If so, check whether the rubber plug of the humidifying cup is plugged tightly. If it is not plugged tightly or forget the rubber plug, just plug it up.
2. The oxygen concentrator stops working after a period of time.
This situation is also relatively common. At present, many home oxygen concentrators have a timing function. In the process of use, many people will accidentally start the timing function and forget to cancel it. At this time the user needs to adjust the timing time after turning on the oxygen machine and adjust it to Trinity.
3. The first time the oxygen concentrator is used, there will be a laugh.
This problem is basically asked by every user and purchaser, but the sound is normal. As the oxygen generator is started by the compressor during use, the molecular sieve purifies the oxygen in the air and then removes the separated nitrogen. The sound of light laughter is the sound of nitrogen, so don't worry.
4. The air output of the oxygen concentrator has become smaller.
This problem is likely to occur after long-term use. Do not panic when this problem occurs. Generally is the humidification cup inside the tube is blocked by scale. Simply remove the humidification cup, remove the air tube for cleaning. If the problem is still not solved after this operation, please contact the business directly.
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Oxygen concentrator maintenance and care
Daily life of the oxygen machine maintenance and maintenance, not only can extend the service life can also make the oxygen machine work better.
1. Cleaning of the machine body.
When we clean the oxygen concentrator body, we should first turn off the power, then use a clean soft wet towel and try to use non-corrosive household cleaners to wipe.
2. Daily maintenance of oxygen inhalation tube
It is recommended to clean the nasal suction tip of the oxygen tube with water after each use. After cleaning, pay attention to keep the tube dry and without water drops.
3. Daily maintenance of the humidification water tank
There will be a layer of dirt in the wetting bottle after using for a long time, soak it in deep liquid of vinegar for a few minutes and then rinse it off. Once or twice a week, to ensure the use of oxygen hygiene.
4. Daily maintenance of the filter
Timely cleaning or replacement of the filter, not only can extend the life of the oxygen machine, but also can protect the molecular sieve and compressor. If you use it often, it is recommended to clean it once a week. If you don't use it often, you should clean it once a month or once a month. After cleaning, make sure to wait for it to dry before installing it. Failure to dry may result in machine failure. If the filter becomes black or yellow and affects the air flow, we recommend that you replace it as soon as possible.