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How to clean the home oxygen concentrator?

Time:2021-06-04 14:55

home oxygen concentrator
In today's world, smoking seems to have become an essential part of people's daily lives, and more and more people are smoking, so there are many people who suffer from lung diseases, most of which are caused by smoking, infections, and genetics. This has led to many elderly people needing home oxygen machines to help them breathe. Today we will share tips on how to properly clean and maintain an oxygen concentrator.
  Many people with chronic lung disease, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, also known as COPD, may be candidates for supplemental oxygen therapy. A home oxygen prescription has many benefits, such as better mood, sleep, quality of life and prolonged survival.
  At the heart of home oxygen therapy is a stationary oxygen concentrator. The oxygen concentrator draws in air, compresses it, and then isolates and delivers the oxygen through a nasal cannula placed in the nostrils. Oxygen concentrators provide a continuous supply of pure oxygen (90-95%) to meet the needs of patients with chronic lung disease.
  Although most oxygen concentrators are robust, they still require proper maintenance. Regular cleaning and maintenance will go a long way in obtaining optimum performance and longevity. After all, oxygen generators are an expensive investment in medical equipment.
  Below are step-by-step instructions on how to clean your oxygen generator, as well as tips for keeping your oxygen flowing healthy.
  1. Clean the outside of the oxygen generator
  First unplug the oxygen concentrator
  Soak a soft cloth in a solution of neutral detergent and warm water
  Squeeze the cloth to wet and wipe the concentrator
  Rinse the cloth and remove excess soap from the concentrator
  Allow the concentrator to air dry or wipe dry with a lint-free cloth
  2. Clean the granular filter
  First remove the filter according to the manufacturer's instructions
  Fill the tub or sink with warm water and mild detergent
  Submerge the filter in the tub or sink solution
  Use a damp cloth to remove excess dirt and dust
  Rinse the filter to remove excess soap
  Allow the filter to air dry or place it on a thick towel to absorb excess water
  3. Clean the nasal cannula
  Soak the sleeve in a solution of mild detergent and warm water
  Rinse the sleeve with a solution of water and white vinegar (10 to 1)
  Rinse the casing thoroughly and hang to dry
  Other tips
  Avoid using the oxygen concentrator in dusty environments
  Use a voltage regulator to offset voltage fluctuations
  Allow concentrator to sit for 20-30 minutes after 7-8 hours of continuous use
  Do not submerge the concentrator in water
  Most manufacturers recommend cleaning the particulate filter at least once a month
  Most experts recommend cleaning the outside of the concentrator and external filter (if applicable) weekly
  Wipe the tubing connected to the nasal cannula with alcohol daily
  Replace the nasal cannula and catheter monthly if oxygen is used continuously or every 2 months if oxygen is used intermittently
  Make sure the particulate filter is completely dry before reinsertion
  Check the user manual for the recommended maintenance interval for the concentrator
  Replace the batteries if you find that they are not holding a charge as they used to
  Most experts recommend leaving 1 to 2 feet of clearance between the concentrator and the wall
Cleaning methods and tips have been shared with you, so remember to protect our lungs and live well in the future. We are the manufacturer of home oxygen concentrators and we are always here to protect your lungs from harm.