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Is it useful for the elderly to use home oxygen machines?

Time:2021-06-02 11:46

Is it useful to use home oxygen machines for the elderly if they have respiratory diseases in their homes? In short, it is still not very useful for the elderly who are not seriously ill.
  Many families have to take care of one or two sick or frail elderly people, in this case, the daily health care of the elderly becomes a concern for family members. When someone proposes to buy a home oxygen machine to use, there are also objections: is it useful for the elderly to use a home oxygen machine? It seems that this issue is more controversial, however, we still need to hold a rational attitude to analyze, only when the analysis is clear we can make the right choice for ourselves.
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Is it useful for the elderly to use home oxygen machines?
  Mr. Gao made a lot of efforts to treat his old man's bronchitis, not only spending money to get him into the most authoritative hospital, but also asking around for good bronchitis treatments. Recently, the old man's condition has improved a little and he was discharged home. At this time, a kind relative said it was best to buy a home oxygen machine to give the old man oxygen, otherwise he could easily be in danger. Mr. Gao was a bit skeptical: is it useful for the elderly to use a home oxygen machine?
  When you think about it, the generation principle of home oxygen machine is just using various chemical reactions, in this case the oxygen generated is really pure? I think most consumers will play a question mark, it is worth noting that the elderly inhale oxygen if too much can cause oxygen poisoning, and in serious cases, even respiratory failure or even life-threatening. Therefore, I think consumers must think carefully before buying a home oxygen machine, because the home oxygen machine for the more serious patients have substantial usefulness, but for the less serious patients are not much use, and inhalation overdose will also cause adverse consequences.
      So, the question of whether home oxygen machines are useful I think we need to analyze the specific situation, you need to accurately determine what degree of your elderly's condition is, whether there is a need to use home oxygen machines, you can first ask the attending doctor to clarify. Also, even if you want to use a home oxygen machine, you must pay attention to a number of issues, such as whether the patient needs a low concentration of oxygen or a high concentration of oxygen, and then after judging clearly, oxygen inhalation will not occur oxygen poisoning.
      Secondly, if you are not sure about the home oxygen machine, you can buy the oxygen canister in a bottle to use, the effect is similar to the home oxygen machine, you can go to the regular medical equipment stores to buy oxygen canisters. In addition, in addition to giving the elderly oxygen, family members had better help the elderly to go for a walk in a place with better air, to absorb the fresh air will be much better than oxygen.
  In short, if you ask me now whether it is useful for the elderly to use home oxygen machines, I can only answer that it is useful for those elderly people who are in serious condition. Anyway, this kind of oxygen made by chemical reaction is still not as good as the fresh air outside, and this is the advice I give to those elderly people who are weak.