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Medical oxygen machine concentration how much is more appropriate?

Time:2021-06-15 16:09

Oxygen is one of the components that we need in our daily life. Generally speaking, the concentration of oxygen we breathe in our daily life is between 19.5% and 23.5%, and we can live normally. So for special medical applications that require the use of oxygen concentrators, what concentration is needed to ensure the oxygen demand?
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What is the concentration of medical oxygen?
Bottled medical oxygen purity ** standard ≥ 99.5%, there is no medical oxygen standard for oxygen obtained by oxygen concentrator.
However, there are related technical standards for oxygen production equipment.
The General Technical Specification for Medical Molecular Sieve Oxygen Production Equipment.
Using air as raw material, oxygen is produced through molecular sieve variable pressure adsorption process. The oxygen concentration of this oxygen is 90%~96% (V/V), and the remaining components are mainly argon and nitrogen.
In general, it is stipulated that medical oxygen must reach 93% to be used as a standard for clinical treatment.
The reason is that when the human body inhales oxygen with and using a medical oxygen machine, it also inhales air, resulting in a diluted oxygen concentration. At the same time, due to the structure of the human body, oxygen will decay after inhalation level, resulting in the decay and reduction of the oxygen concentration inhaled by the human body even after the use of medical oxygen concentrators.
In order to ensure that patients can inhale sufficient oxygen concentration, it is necessary to ensure that the oxygen concentration of the oxygen concentrator must meet the standard. Just like the oxygen concentration mentioned in the manual of the medical molecular sieve oxygen concentrator mentioned above, the oxygen concentration is required to be greater than 90%. In practical application, the basic requirement is that the oxygen concentration reaches 93% to be qualified.
In addition, the current oxygen concentration of 93% of the oxygen machine technology is also relatively mature. As long as the product can be standardized in the process of use, it can basically meet and ensure the oxygen needs of patients and hospitals.
Of course, if it is home, health care with oxygen machine, oxygen concentration will be lower, because the production specifications of the product is not strict. This oxygen machine, as long as it is not used for emergency, can be used at home, but also as a health care product. It is not really a big problem.
However, if you have a disease that requires strict oxygen therapy, it is recommended to choose a professional oxygen machine or go to a hospital for oxygen therapy to relieve the symptoms of oxygen deficiency.