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What are the side effects of home oxygen concentrator?

Time:2021-06-03 14:42

home oxygen concentrator
With the progress of science and technology, productivity has been developed rapidly. Nowadays, people generally know how to take care of their health and so on, and Home Oxygen Concentrator has become the best choice for them.  Does Home Oxygen Concentrator have any side effects? These questions are bothering you, I will tell you and introduce to you.
  I. Side effects of Home Oxygen Concentrator
  Oxygen concentrators belong to the second category of medical equipment. In addition to medical institutions, small oxygen machines can also be used for hypoxia in the plateau, severe respiratory diseases, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and other environmental and pathological conditions of hypoxia home assisted treatment. Disease, but home assisted treatment with oxygen machines shall not be used for life support or life protection. The State Food and Drug Administration reminds that the product must be used under the guidance of a physician in accordance with the prescribed daily duration and flow rate, thereby reducing the risk of improper selection of indications. There is no evidence that oxygen inhalation has health benefits for normal individuals. On the contrary, inappropriate oxygen inhalation may cause harm to the human body.
  2. Efficacy of Home Oxygen Concentrator
  Oxygen therapy and oxygen therapy is to supplement the body with oxygen and increase the blood oxygen content, so as to improve the physiological environment of the human body and ensure the virtuous cycle of metabolism, thus relieving symptoms, assisting in the treatment of disease, promote physical recovery, prevent disease and improve health goals. Oxygen therapy and oxygen therapy play a pivotal role in clinical medicine, emergency medicine, preventive medicine, geriatrics, rehabilitation medicine and health care medicine. In addition, it is also effective for some secondary diseases caused by hypoxia, acute and chronic hypoxic-ischemic diseases. Such as pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma, pulmonary heart disease, emphysema and other respiratory diseases, as well as hypertension, heart disease, coronary heart disease, cerebral hypoxia, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and circulatory system diseases.
  Third, the side effects of Home Oxygen Concentrator do exist
  Its effect is indeed powerful enough, so are there any side effects? In fact, normal oxygen intake will not have side effects. Generally only excessive inhalation of oxygen will cause a series of pathological changes. Negative effects of excessive oxygen inhalation As early as the mid-19th century, British scientist Paul Burt first discovered that breathing pure oxygen causes poisoning in animals, as well as in humans. It has a toxic effect on all cells. If inhaled for too long, oxygen toxicity may occur. The capillary barrier of the lungs is destroyed, leading to pulmonary edema, pulmonary bruising and bleeding, which severely affects respiratory function and subsequently damages organs due to lack of oxygen.
   Home Oxygen Concentrator does have side effects, but in addition, the oxygen concentrator has many functions, such as some environmentally-induced hypoxic diseases, Home Oxygen Concentrator also has good curative effects, such as those caused by hypoxia in the plateau. Environmentally induced plateau pulmonary edema, acute and chronic plateau reaction, plateau hypoxia, etc.
  The above is the introduction of the editor. There are two sides to everything. In short, the pros of Home Oxygen Concentrator outweigh the cons. I hope that families who need it can buy the right oxygen concentrator.