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What is the difference between an oxygen concentrator and an oxygen cylinder?

Time:2021-06-07 15:16

Oxygen concentrator Manufacturers
Both oxygen cylinders and oxygen concentrators provide oxygen to patients in need. But the delivery methods are very different. On Earth, oxygen cylinders are more common, but oxygen concentrators are becoming increasingly popular with doctors and patients.
The main difference is in the way the oxygen is delivered. Oxygen cylinders contain a limited amount of compressed oxygen that the user can inhale until it is used up. An oxygen concentrator filters and produces medical oxygen. It can be supplied indefinitely as long as the batteries powering the mechanism have a life span.
The oxygen concentrator works similarly to an air conditioner: it takes in air, converts it, and delivers it in a new form. The only difference is that the concentrator purifies the air, so it can be used for patients with low oxygen levels in their blood.
The cylinder functions the same way, but all the oxygen is already compressed in the tank. This supply gradually decreases until the canister is used up and needs to be refilled or replaced.
This difference also highlights the dosing method used by each device.
All oxygen cylinders deliver oxygen in a continuous flow mode.
With oxygen generators, it tends to vary from device to device, as some of the more portable options operate in pulse dose delivery.
What are the benefits of an oxygen generator?
Oxygen generators have several advantages over oxygen cylinders.
Stability - An oxygen cylinder may run out of oxygen, but as long as the oxygen generator has air and power, the oxygen generator will not run out of oxygen. The oxygen concentrator extracts oxygen from the air, making its supply unrestricted and readily available.
Safety - Oxygen cylinders can begin to leak and oxygen-saturated air increases the risk of fire. If a fire occurs in this situation, it is more difficult to extinguish because fires caused by oxygen burn more intensely than many other types of fires. Pulse-dose oxygen generators produce oxygen only as needed, eliminating concerns about leaks and therefore flammability.
Hire an efficient attendant to safely operate the oxygen concentrator
Size - The oxygen concentrator is designed to be convenient and portable - so it weighs much less. In contrast, oxygen cylinders are large and heavy.
Cost is another factor to consider. For oxygen concentrators, the price is mostly upfront. With oxygen cylinders, the cost comes over time - for example, new cylinders are purchased periodically as needed. However, innovative companies like XIYAN in China are making oxygen generators more economical through long-term leases.
For these reasons, oxygen concentrators are a good choice. However, individuals should also consider having a spare oxygen cylinder and extra fully charged oxygen machine batteries in case of a power outage.
Do I want to rely on battery life or oxygen supply? What size device am I looking for? Do I want to keep a bulky cylinder at home or a concentrator that is easy to move around? These are all questions that West Swallow Plant can help you with. Ultimately, it's about deciding what provides the best options for your lifestyle.